Your Friendly Node - Waves Pool

A professionally maintained Waves Full Node with a physical server and well-developed web-app solutions

Our Waves Leasing Address

We pay out 100% of both WAVES and MRT rewards

Find us in #yourfriendlynode on Waves Slack


1. Lease your Waves Balance

Copy the address above and lease the desired amount of Waves to our node. Within 60 seconds the leasing transaction confirms and you have successfully leased out your WAVES to us. Please note that you still have full control over your WAVES, only their forging power is (temporarily) sent to us. For a complete tutorial on how to lease your Waves, please visit the Waves Wiki here.


2. Be Patient for 20 Hours

Due to security reasons, any leasing only turns active after it has matured for 1000 blocks. As soon as it has collected 1000 confirmations, your balance will start to generate blocks.


3. Earn Transaction Fees as Reward

Now, lean back and enjoy your money working for you. You can always check the last payments by looking at the Payouts page and searching for your Waves address. The payouts will be made automatically every second Sunday at 17:00 UTC